Who should consider Dental Crowns?

  • People with a broken or severely worn down tooth
  • People who have undergone a root canal procedure
  • People whose tooth has been severely weakened by decay
  • People with a severely discolored or mishapen tooth

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What is a Dental Crown?

Well `, a dental crown is a tooth restoration that is placed over a tooth to restore functionality and prevent further damage. Dental crowns, or tooth crowns, are hollow tooth-shaped 'caps' that are safely bonded to the injured tooth and protect the entire part of the tooth that is visible above the gumline. 

Dental 'Caps': Dental crowns are sometimes referred to as dental caps as the cover the top of a tooth much like a baseball cap covers the top of your head. In many cases, a crown is used to protect an already weakened tooth. In this case, a crown serves as more of a helmet than a cap. In either case, dental caps help protect your teeth so you can keep on smiling as big as you want to.

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