Who should consider an Oral Hygiene Exam?

  • People who have not had a dental exam in six months or longer
  • People who have bad breath despite regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing
  • People who have sensitive, bleeding, or inflamed gums
  • People who have plaque buildup on teeth

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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Regular brushing and flossing is imperative to your oral health, but so are professional teeth cleanings. name`, your ` dentist, posseses the tools and knowledge to detect areas of decay that cannot be seen as you brush and floss in the mirror. In addition, dental x-rays are required to detect tooth decay before it becomes too severe. 

Your professional teeth cleaning at clinic` in ` will include scaling, a dental instrument used to remove plaque and bacteria from underneath the gumline, an area which cannot be reached by a tooth brush or floss. Aside from scaling the teeth a also checked for cavities, polished and you bite is monitored to ensure proper function. 

Your oral health is important to us here at clinic`, that is why every dental exam performed by name`, your ` dentist, includes an oral cancer screening. Many times early detection of oral cancer has saved smiles and lives. 

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